Why Woolino?

Because our products are the ultimate in both quality and function; they are designed to make sure your baby is always 100% comfortable, which means a good night’s sleep for baby, but also for you and your whole family.
And, we all know what a good night’s sleep means: a healthier, happier family!

Merino wool is naturally perfect

Merino wool works for your baby like it works for the sheep - it is temperature regulating, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, silky soft, and exceptionally breathable.

Supremely soft comfort

Merino is smooth and fine. Unlike traditional, thick- fibered wool, merino will not itch or irritate delicate baby skin. In fact, it’s one of the softest materials around. Significantly finer than other types of wool, merino feels luxuriously soft and gentle against your baby’s skin. Paired with our 100% organic cotton fabric, your baby will be sleeping on cloud nine.

4 Season use

No need to purchase multiple sleep bags in different TOG ratings all year long. Woolino sleep bag regulates your baby's body temp in all 4 seasons, so you don't have to worry if  they’re too cold or hot while sleeping. Merino wool creates a micro-climate around your baby, helping them  maintain a consistent comfortable temperature throughout the night, year-round.

The finest organic cotton

Our GOTS certified organic cotton fabric is not only incredibly soft, but it's safe for your baby's tender skin. Baby's skin is very sensitive and absorbs more of everything it comes in contact with, including chemicals from clothing. Organically grown cotton is the best match to your baby gentle skin, as it is free of harmful chemicals often found in conventional cotton.

Grows with your baby

Our universal sizing sacks are roomy and adjustable to fit babies from 2 months to 2 years, or toddlers 2-4 years old. Simply close the underarm snaps to adjust the fit.

Excellent value

Because our product grows with your baby and regulates temp in every season, there’s no need to keep buying different sizes and fabric weights every few months, which saves you money!! Merino wool fiber is one of the most durable and long lasting, so hand-me-downs are no problem!

Easy care

Machine wash and tumble dry on no-heat setting – there’s none of the hand washing fuss traditionally associated with wool products. In addition, merino wool is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-static. It disinfects itself in fresh air and is naturally resistant to odors, so it does NOT need to be washed as often as other fabrics.

Designed to be practical

Our award-winning Ultimate Sleep Bag features double shoulder snaps and a two-way side zipper, so you can open it completely flat for easy dressing without waking the baby. For easy nighttime diaper changes, you can open the bottom only. A closable seatbelt opening allows for easy transfer between stroller, car seat, and crib, so you can keep your baby’s sleep routine intact while on the go.

Replaces loose blankets

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that babies under 12 months of age sleep on a flat mattress, in a crib, with no other plush pillows or loose blankets. Wearable blankets, like the Woolino sleep bag, help your baby stay covered through the night, replace loose blankets in the crib, and promote back sleeping.

Safe & certified

Woolino sleep bags and clothing are fully OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified (23.HUS.59156, Hohenstein HTTI) - tested for 100 harmful substances. We use Woolmark ® certified merino wool, and GOTS and certified organic cotton. All Woolino products are free of fire-retardant chemicals.

Premium quality

Woolino products are 100% natural and as pure as can be. We stand behind our products and are confident that they are of the highest quality. All Woolino products come with a 30 day return policy and industry leading warranty so you can rest assured that you're buying the finest quality garments for your child.


We have the #1 rated and #1 selling merino baby sleep bag in the US and Canada. Woolino is winner of Mom's Choice Award, The Cribsie Award 2021, Creative Child and Baby Maternity's 2012 & 2018 Top Choice of the Year Award, Green Scene Mom Award 2016, and 2017 Eco Excellence Award.

Nursery thermometer

Our 4-season baby sleep bags come with a room thermometer tag and dressing guide to take the guess work out of dressing for sleep. Take a look at the room temperature that’s highlighted on the thermometer, flip the tag over, and look for the undergarments recommended for that room temp. It’s that easy!

Renewable & biodegradable

Merino wool offers the perfect solution for families concerned about their environmental impact because it's 100% natural. Every year Merino sheep produce a new fleece, making Merino wool a completely renewable fiber source. Because merino wool is made of keratin, much like human hair, it is completely biodegradable.