Our Story

The story of Woolino begins with a new mom, a sleep-averse baby and all those same feelings felt by parents the world over…

When our founder, Mimi, had her first child, she spent hours online researching the best sleepwear for him. Her requirements were twofold: it had to keep him comfortable and it had to keep him safe.

Like most new mothers, she wanted to do everything she could to minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). She was looking for something that would address both the key risk factors: suffocation due to loose blankets being pulled over the face, and overheating.

Like many problems, she found her answer in an old-world solution - the baby sleeping bag. A sleep bag would act as a wearable blanket, which couldn’t be pulled up or kicked off during the night.

But having found the solution, she found that the ones available didn’t address her other concern: comfort. Those sleep sacks made of synthetic material could cause overheating, and those made of cotton were not warm enough to be used during the winter months.

It wasn’t much later (midway through a night feed, in fact) that the ideal material came to mind. Being an outdoor person, she knew from personal experience of the unique and amazing qualities of merino wool. She realized that exactly merino wool would be the ideal fabric for baby blankets.

It was super soft, regulated body temperature, and was easy to clean. And so, she set about looking for a merino wool baby sleep sack.

There was nothing.

Did this spell the end of her journey? It did not. As an architect and urban planner, Mimi was used to creating solutions where there previously were none, and so with sleep still in her eyes, she set about designing a merino wool baby sleep bag. Mimi became a mom and a mompreneur, all within a couple months.

Many night feeds and several prototypes later, Woolino’s sleep bag was born; the first merino wool sleep bag available in the US. Demand was immediate, and word quickly spread online about this new baby sleeping solution. Within a few months of launch, it became a bestseller and the number one rated baby sleep bag on Amazon – a position it has held ever since.

Today, our range has expanded to include swaddling blankets, pajamas, body suits and more - all using that magical merino wool, offering all of those same unique and amazing benefits. It’s been many years since that all-important night feed, but today we’re as passionate about merino wool as ever.