Tips for Traveling with Young Children

With the arrival of summer, parents around the world are busy planning their much-anticipated family getaways. The uncertainty of traveling with young children can sometimes cause a bit of un-welcomed anxiety. Fear not, we have the tips you need to make summer travel with your kiddos easy and breezy.

Take your time.

What is the greatest thing you can take on your trip? Your Time. Toddlers and young children have no concern for the tight schedules that often go hand in hand with travel. When planning your travels from point A to point B, it’s best to also factor in potty breaks, shoe tieing, lingering, snack breaks, and perhaps a meltdown or two.

Let them pack their own bag (....but not really).

Give your child his very own bag to take responsibility for during your trip, but make sure you oversee what actually makes it inside said bag. Otherwise, your child may end up dragging his rock collection through the airport. Pack his bag with some essential yet non-valuable items such as extra diapers, wipes, bottles, or snacks. This will save you space in your big bag and your child feel extra special with the important responsibility that they have been given.

Give them a camera.

If you give your little one his own (child-friendly) camera, then he will always be excited by his surroundings. Encourage him to take photos of whatever catches his interest. Your child will be taking photos from a completely different perspective than yours, and you may be quite amazed at the images he captures.

Be prepared for the climate.

It may seem like basic advice, but children will be much happier travelers if they don’t have burnt shoulders, wet socks, or blistered feet. Check weather reports and pack accordingly. Baseball caps, tennis shoes, water shoes, sunscreen, chapstick, and a windbreaker should all make it into your child’s suitcase.   

Splurge on a Suite.

For many parents, the fear of disrupting a child’s routine is enough to avoid all plans of travel. Try to remember that while routines are important, it’s also perfectly fine to occasionally to break the routine. To help your child get through this change, try to re-create their at-home bedtime routine while you are away from home. Giving your baby a bath at a consistent time is a great way to start.

Often times, it is hard for children to fall asleep while in eyeshot of their parents. If you are staying in a hotel room, we suggest booking a room with a suite. Although it may be a bit pricier, your child will have their own sleep space (and you will have your own room service and movie space!).

And Most Importantly... Remember to bring those items that will not only be a comfort to your little one, but also a necessity while traveling. If you are traveling by plane, pack something in your carry-on to to relieve ear pressure during descent and takeoff. This can be a bottle, a pacifier, or your baby’s favorite chewing toy.

It’s also important to pack extra supplies and baby food for unplanned delays at the airport. A carseat is essential as you will likely be renting a car after your arrival.  

For your child, however, the most important items are those that provide the comfy feelings of home. Pack her favorite baby blanket or baby sleep sack to keep her nice and cozy throughout your trip. Woolino products are ideal, especially for for travel, because they are made of the extremely breathable merino wool. This means your child will stay dry and comfortable whatever the environment. Merino uses mother nature’s washing machine by disinfecting itself in fresh air and is naturally resistant to odors. It’s also naturally antibacterial, antifungal and anti-static. Woolino sleep bags will regulate your child’s baby temperature, and a more comfortable temperature will allow you and your baby to sleep deeper and more restful during your travels.

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